3 Advantages of Recruiting Interns

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Interns are a great source of talent and skill that employers should not overlook. Younger additions to your team can work in your favour. Millennials are usually resourceful and could offer you fresh ideas and solutions. So before you put up your next job posting, here are some reasons why you should interns on board your company.

Know potential employees before hiring them

Having interns instead of full-time employees allows you to gauge them and their capabilities of a potential full-time hire. Since interns are often in their final academic year, hiring interns could give you an idea of how your team dynamics could develop with a new addition. While not every internship position is created with full-time recruitment, employers that are looking to hire in new entry-level talent would benefit significantly from hiring interns.

Great workforce support

job posting jobstreet

Interns could provide significant support to your existing employees. With an intern, those employees up to work on higher-level tasks that require more expertise or skill. Even though they may not have much working experience, many employers have found the interns bring a fresh and relevant academic background. Paired with the right industry can be valuable to both the employer and the intern.

Economical options to your team

This may be controversial, but it is an advantage when it comes to smaller companies or start-ups. Since they may handle lighter tasks of the group, hiring interns may be a better solution for you economically. While they might not cost as much as hiring a full-timer, employers like you need to keep in mind that affordable should never mean free. If you are looking to attract the best talents to your internship program, the best practice is to pay them a fair allowance. 


Hiring interns may seem risky at first, but it definitely opens up a lot of benefits and opportunities for your team as well as students looking to learn about the workforce. This professional relationship can be beneficial and symbiotic for a lot of companies. If you’re looking to put up a job posting for interns, Jobstreet lets you do that easily. Learn more about it here https://www.jobstreet.com.ph/en/cms/employer/

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