Internship Is A Strategic Recruiting Tool: How to maximize the use of it?

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Employers are beginning to offer internship placements more rampantly at current status quo. Majority of the interns eventually retain their position for the first few months and eventually gets upgraded to permanent positions.

The outcome of a successful internship program can be a tool to convert your prospects into long-term employees. It is initially the best way to reach out to prospects as you get to experience their work ethics, so will they. Additionally, with the presence of Jobstreet, you can reach out to an extensive database of top-performing individuals. Here are a few ways you could ensure a successful internship program:


  • Timing is key


Long holidays and breaks are the prime hours where prospects will search for work opportunities. Especially during summer breaks where the prevalence of internships and short courses are most substantial. Attract early before your competitors emerge.

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  • Provide feedback and constructive comments


One of the most vital requirements in an internship is to provide feedback and comments. Once your employee feels comfortable sharing comments and concerns with you, this will foster a more seamless means of conversing.

What most individuals wish to get out of an internship opportunity is to learn and to foster a sense of self-growth. The whole point of an internship is to get a feel for the working world. The supervisor for your interns should always encourage.


  • Set proper goals for them


You should always treat your employees, even interns, as your family. In order to create a cohesive bond between peers, you should always treat them all equally.

Once you provide a clear guideline of what they are set to achieve, they will work towards accomplishing something beyond expected. Encourage your interns to ask questions and to bolden a sense of transparency between peers.

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  • Saving the best for the last


During the last couple of weeks of the internship period, interns will start to move forward and think of their life choices. Whether they wish to retain or move along to the next chapter of their lives will be up to the internship opportunity.

If the internship period is successful, interns are more likely to stay put in your company. Finish your internship with a bang. To ensure that your intern learned something from this opportunity, you can ask them to give a presentation to officiate.


Internships are a great opportunity to showcase your worth to a company. Visit Jobstreet to post your job ads to recruit your new interns via

Here is a preview of the Googles Interns’ first day, you could probably extract bits and pieces from this video:

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