Recruiting New Employees Made Easy with Jobstreet

Recruiting finest talents with Jobstreet

Everyone believes that running a business is no easy feat, and pushing your corporation to the peak, is a whole lot more challenging. An established organization is dependent upon multiple variables, a few of which will be the proper strategy, timing, product offering, and kind of target market.

It is inevitable for troubles to will develop along with your business journey. Then again, by far the most critical the answer to an outstanding organization is working with a smart team which includes the very best staffs. Having a profitable business is never just a fantasy when your business comprises skillful individuals with the right frame of mind.

Before continuing growth of modern technology, the hiring procedure of recruiting new employees was horrible, substantially for hirers. The only real readily available resources were to publish up job vacancies on newsprint, publishing on bulletin boards and by way of the timeless, word-of-mouth. Information wasn’t transferred efficiently to a data source, resulting in difficulties to trace and gain access to job applications.

The emergence of computers and the internet offers us hope when acquiring prospects. Currently, online recruitment lets you reach a broader scope of potential employees, all over the world. It also breaks time restraints, reduces cost and minimizes wastage of resources.

recruiting new employees Jobstreet Singapore

History of Jobstreet

Mark Chang Mun Kee established Jobstreet in Malaysia in 1997. The corporation grows to be one of Asia’s top-notch online career search site and at the present assists around 80 thousand corporate businesses and 11 million job hunters by aiding in facilitating the communication and matching of career opportunities between recruiters and people looking for work.

Jobstreet shows its thanks to esteemed website subscribers by offering top-notch services. It accepts talent originating from a variety of disciplines to enable an excellent ground for making a professional profile and seeking employment opportunities. Its innovative algorithms allow some types of job ads to accommodate suitable candidates. With the use of Jobstreet’s talent search function, looking for the most skillful candidate in the region is as simple as ever.

Having its vast data pools, advanced employee filtering systems and pioneering communication tools, Jobstreet has revolutionized the way you hire. The procedure of recruiting the highest-performing candidate is just as fluid than in the past.

Jobstreet first established its headquarters in Malaysia, and then in 2014, it was acquired by SEEK Limited, internet job recruitment corporation based in Australia. It has since been a dominant player in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The common goal of the firm is to precisely match job applicants with employers of excellent reputation across Asia.


If you wish to hire any hopeful prospects, feel free to visit to find the employees that assist your team moves further beyond the boundaries!

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